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Joan Gavaler
W&M professor adapts dance curriculum for remote learning

白小姐一肖一码准选一码All three of William & Mary Professor Joan Gavaler’s dance classes this semester have a mix of in-person and remote students. This has made for challenging, but refreshing, turns in adapting her teaching.

A deer with matted fur and ribs visible through the skin
Wet summer, biting midges spread deadly disease among deer

白小姐一肖一码准选一码A rash of deer deaths in the College Woods is likely the result in an overabundance of biting midges, according to Randy Chambers, director of William & Mary’s Keck Environmental Laboratory.

Dr. Lisa A. Jackson
W&M alumna helps lead COVID-19 vaccine study

白小姐一肖一码准选一码Dr. Lisa A. Jackson ’84 has conducted numerous vaccine studies, but the task before her in March was different — the timing compressed, the stakes higher — when her team launched one of the first human clinical trials for a vaccine to block infection from the virus that causes COVID-19.

The 2020 Art History Curatorial Project

The 2020 Art History majors' student-curated the exhibition, SCALES OF CHAOS - The Dance of Art and Contemporary Science now online!

Rendering of two brick and glass buildings side by side
W&M arts building construction continues

Construction on William & Mary’s new performing arts facilities is continuing this fall after being delayed early in the calendar year due to unforeseen increases in construction costs.

Deputy Secretary Figueroa Speaks about COVID-19's Effects on Virginia

白小姐一肖一码准选一码On Wednesday, September 23, the Schroeder Center for Health Policy continued its multidisciplinary speaker series on the COVID-19 pandemic with a virtual talk from Virginia’s Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Resources, Marvin Figueroa.

The Definitive Edition Lab

This past summer, four students from Professor Melanie Dawson’s Twentieth Century Women Authors class were given the opportunity to work with her on a Definitive Edition Lab focused on Edith Wharton’s 1925 novel The Mother’s Recompense. The authors of this piece were lucky enough to be two of those students. While Professor Dawson has been working on this edition for the Oxford University Press for four years, we only joined for five weeks. Though the pandemic created more challenges than expected, we were determined to make the most of our short time together. So, what is a Definitive Edition Lab and how does one work in one? And how does a pandemic complicate that work?

Kathleen Morgan
Duke Award winner Kathleen Morgan ‘knows her stuff,’ and it shows

Morgan, W&M's associate director for faculty personnel services in Arts & Sciences, received the Charles and Virginia Duke Award, which honors exemplary service to the university by someone who is not a student or instructional faculty member.

A graphic says #4 Best Undergraduate Teaching U.S. News & World Report
W&M’s undergraduate teaching lauded by U.S. News

白小姐一肖一码准选一码William & Mary offers some of the most exceptional undergraduate teaching in the country and boasts a higher alumni giving rate than any other public university, according to a report released today by U.S. News and World Report.

Copy of Feynman's letter
Feynman’s advice to W&M student resonates 45 years later

白小姐一肖一码准选一码Early in her career as a William & Mary student, Beulah Elizabeth Cox turned in a physics exam that contained what became one of the most famous incorrect answers in science.

Student combs through data on a computer
W&M launches bachelor’s in Data Science, Jump Start summer program

白小姐一肖一码准选一码This summer, as educators around the world prepared for teaching a fall semester remotely amid pandemic, faculty from William & Mary’s Data Science program already had a head start – or rather, a jump start.

Shivani Gupta holding taper candle
W&M alumnae work to transform primary care

Dena Bashri ’20 and Shivani Gupta ’20 graduated from William & Mary to become two of the six inaugural fellows working remotely for Transforming Primary Care on projects such as ensuring telehealth access to those experiencing homelessness and tracking the supply chain of COVID-19 testing kits.

Dr. Michael Blakey to Participate in "Reclaiming the Ancestors" Panel

白小姐一肖一码准选一码On September second Dr. Blakey Michael Blakey will be a panelist for "Reclaiming the Ancestors: Indigenous and Black Perspectives on Repatriation, Human Rights, and Justice," sponsored by the the Society of Black Archaeologists, in partnership with the Indigenous Archaeology Collective and the Peabody Museum.

Justice for Native Americans, more than a century later

白小姐一肖一码准选一码Legislators in Washington state observed this principle when they passed a law in 2014 enabling Native American defendants tried before 1975 to have their convictions overturned if they were exercising treaty-reserved rights to fish at “usual and accustomed places” off reservation. If those people are now deceased, family members may appeal on their behalf, allowing restorative justice even in cases that date back 100 years.

Books on John Tyler provide look at W&M alum and U.S. president

白小姐一肖一码准选一码Only once in United States history have presidential and vice presidential candidates come originally from the same state, much less the same county. Such was the case in 1840, when William Henry Harrison and John Tyler, both born in small Charles City County, ran on the Whig Party ticket and won.

Student reading on a bench on the Lake Matoaka pier
W&M's Parks Research Lab releases Campus Greenspace Map

For the past seven years, Dorothy Ibes has been using William & Mary’s outdoor space as a laboratory to understand the relationship between human health and human access to nature. 

Laptop with screen showing graphic of Virginia map on left side and three women videoconferencing on right side
W&M establishes Social Justice Policy Initiative

William & Mary students and faculty have formalized and expanded several programs focusing on equity issues in the local community, and added new ones, with the establishment of the Social Justice Policy Initiative in the sociology department.

Strawson and Evans
Professor Joshua Gert contributes to on-line series on the nature of truth

白小姐一肖一码准选一码Philosophy professor Josh Gert recently contributed to an on-line series of commentaries on the nature of truth. The series was sparked by a 1973 film of a dialogue between renowned philosophers, P. F. Strawson and Gareth Evans.

Race is ... a Central Organizing Feature of World Politics

白小姐一肖一码准选一码Read the current article by Professors Kelebogile Zvobgo (W&M) and Meredith Loken (UMass- Amherst) analyzing "Why Race Matters in International Relations," published this summer in Foreign Policy magazine.

Wenliang “Bill” Li
Physics postdoc wins JLab prize to further ‘backwards’ research

白小姐一肖一码准选一码A postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Physics at William & Mary, Wenliang “Bill” Li is studying proton structure — just like many people who conduct their nuclear physics research at Jefferson Lab. But he’s studying a new aspect of it: the backward perspective.

Government Faculty & Former Students Publish in CSAE

白小姐一肖一码准选一码Professor Phil Roessler + former students publish "Cash Crop Revolution, Colonialism and Legacies of Spatial Inequality: Evidence from Africa" via Centre for the Study of African Economies.

Erica Smith head shot
Staying vigilant against the virus

白小姐一肖一码准选一码Epidemiologist Erica E. Smith ’08 helps coordinate Delaware’s response to COVID-19

Pandemics: Hope from history

Gérard Chouin, associate professor of history at William & Mary, discusses COVID-19 in the context of past pandemics.

Professor Jaime Settle
NYT quotes Jaime Settle on Politics & Human Nature

NYT author quotes Professor Settle's research in article discussing the affects of polarization and individual's views on current public health recommendations concerning the corona virus.

AidData's Important Work

白小姐一肖一码准选一码Ariel BenYishay talks about the important work produced by AidData.